About Us

Established in 2013, OmnicomMediagroup Nepal is a software company in Nepal. We are a team of around 60+ professionals who are involved in design, development, testing and maintenance of software projects developed in latest technologies. Besides that, our people are also involved in Programmatic projects which involves conversion of business.

We Are

We are the subsidiary of OmnicomMediaGroup Australia and are ranked top in digital media agencies in Australia. OmnicomMediaGroup includes Digital and Marketing agencies such as Resolution, Annalect, Hearts & Science, Phd and OMD.
Our core competency is in software development in the latest stack of technologies, Business Intelligence , Programmatic and Delivering finance function tasks. We strive for continuous development and improvement and have embedded those into our company values.

We focus on:

– Employee growth and development
– Great work culture and environment.
– Great process
– Exposure to latest technologies, teams and tools

Our Mission

To provide exceptional Technology services to OMG Business units.


Our Values

Company Values:

We are all in this together.
• Lead from the back/ Everyone is a leader
• Open and Honest Communication is vital
• Everyone has access to all information
• Continuous Improvement & Development

OmnicomMediaGroup Nepal

We are always here to help you.